Announcing Pantheon Press and Other New Products

Announcing Pantheon Press and Other New Products

I am proud to bring to you the ENnie award-winning (Judge’s Spotlight) RPG Fortune’s Fool, and their campaign Grimm Tales, from Pantheon Press.  Fortune’s Fool uses a Tarot deck as a game mechanic instead of dice and is set in Renaissance Europe, adding in magic and elves and goblins!

They have other Pathfinder/OGL products, set in the world of Nobis (click here,) that I can special order. Pantheon Press is donating the complete line of Nobis print products to SCARAB convention‘s famous swag pile.

Other new products: Deadlands: Reloaded Player’s Guide Explorer’s Edition $19.99 Note: If you have the hardback version, you have the exact same book already, just bigger.

How We Came to Live Here $20.00 2010 ENnie Award winner for Best Writing, this RPG brings 2 GMs (Inside Player, for NPCs in the village, and Outside Player, for the monsters and such) and players to tell a story set in the American Southwest, American Indian style.


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